Synapse Limited
2nd Floor, New Penderel House
283-288 High Holborn
London WC1V 7HP


Synapse Limited was formed in 1985 to develop expert system based multimedia software specialising in the medical and architectural sectors.

The company has developed a range of record breaking software. Its Diabetes In Action program was the first software to qualify for the UK PGEA scheme in General Practice.

The company has created a range of other packages in the medical area, including:

  • Arthritis in Action - Aiding assessment of arthritis in General Practice
  • Stoma quiz - An assessment and teaching resource for the Stoma professional
  • The Green Disk - An explanation and clarification of the Red Book
  • Budgeting in Action - An aid to budgeting in General Practice

More than 100,000 copies of these programs have been distributed

Synapse Ltd has also developed expert systems based programs in the Architectural sector. Our cladding product selector, developed with PMF Ltd, won the Roofing Industry Annual Innovation Award - the first piece of software ever to do so.

Since 1993 Synapse Ltd has also been involved in development of internet web sites.

In 1994 a software development within Synapse Ltd was spun off to become Martex Communicators plc. Starting with a site promoting almost 1,000 companies in the Promotional Merchandise industry, over the next five years Martex's successful promotional model was extended to over 25 other UK industries becoming a contact point for customers of almost 20,000 UK companies. In 2000 Martex was acquired by Tarsus Group, a publicly quoted company in the media and exhibition industries.

Returning to its roots as an information creator, Synapse's savings information site has attracted, over the past several years, a large audience among savers and investors worldwide. The savings model is currently being extended to provide more general investment information. Synapse is also involved in the creation of other sites in the 'Good Life' area, and in the promotion of Management Education.

In January 2007 Synapse Ltd was registered as an Introducer AR by the Financial Services Authority (ref:462032).